Our Approach to Orthodontics

At Vela Orthodontics, we believe the journey to a beautiful smile should be an enjoyable and memorable experience.

It is our goal that each patient experiences a warm, caring, and friendly environment that emphasizes quality care, patient education, and professionalism.

Recognizing that each patient is unique, we are committed to the implementation of customized orthodontic care to create exceptional and timeless smiles.

Transforming Lives… One Smile at a Time

Dr. Eric Vela and Dr. Amy Vela, along with our amazing team, believe everyone deserves a life filled with great smiles. We take pride in creating those results, offering advanced orthodontic solutions and personalized care: we change lives, one wonderful person at a time!

Why Orthodontics?

Straightening teeth to improve oral health and enhance a smile can transform a person’s life. Often, people start orthodontic care feeling self-conscious about their teeth, leading them to be uncomfortable around others. Then, from visit-to-visit, as they see the physical change in their teeth, there is an accompanying change in personality. In seemingly little time, previously “shy” people start to engage, smile, and even laugh – without concern.

By the time treatment is complete, the individual not only has a beautifully healthy smile but they’re more confident, too. That newfound comfort and ease around others can last a lifetime, with every one-of-a-kind smile they share!

Our Dedication to Individualized Treatment

You’re not just another patient at Vela Orthodontics. You’re not teeth in a chair, an anonymous number on a chart, or a revenue source to be exploited, either.

Instead, we think you’re a remarkable individual, deserving of the highest-quality care grounded in honesty, respect, and compassion. We promise you will always be heard, educated, and encouraged. You will be provided an orthodontic experience that has you smiling, from your consultation to results - the radiant and healthy smile you deserve!

Our First Meeting

You expect to receive quality care, and to also fully understand what will happen, treatment options, and financial considerations. During your free consultation, we explain findings, treatment choices, and what we recommend and why.

Encouraging your questions and always open to hearing concerns, we seek to ensure you make informed decisions that are right for you. This is your smile and you’re in charge!

Learn More

Considering orthodontic treatment for a loved one or yourself? We welcome the opportunity to meet, answer your questions, and work with you to design the perfect plan to achieve your best smile – all at no charge, pressure, or obligation!

It’s easy to get started: contact Vela Orthodontics, in Corpus Christi and Alice, TX, to schedule your complimentary consultation. You deserve a life-changing smile; learn more and start the journey today!

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