What Sets Us Apart

Welcome to Vela Orthodontics, where we are passionate about creating healthy, beautiful smiles that truly transform lives. When it comes to compassionate and effective orthodontic care, Dr. Eric Vela and Dr. Amy Vela, along with our great team, believe that people of all ages should have the opportunity to live life with a great smile, and we’ll do everything in our power to create one for you!

From your first phone call to our office, scheduling a complimentary consultation for yourself or your child, you’ll be treated with respect and kindness. We’re old-fashioned enough to believe that you should be treated like a member of our family, honestly and gently, with a focus on your unique needs and smile goals. When you visit us for your consultation, you’ll be warmly welcomed and quickly ushered into our treatment area. You’ll see that we have state-of-the-art technologies, which have decreased treatment times and improved results for our patients. You’ll also see many smiles and hear a lot of laughter, from our other patients and our staff. This is a positive, fun environment and patients tell us they look forward to their visits. We look forward to seeing them, too.

During your consultation, we’ll review your clinical needs, talk with you about your lifestyle and timeline, and present you with the treatment options that will rectify any structural issues and create your new smile, all customized to your unique requirements. No person is the same and no treatment path is identical; we understand this and will work with you to find the care path that is right specifically for you.

Once you’ve started your orthodontic treatment, you’ll find that we still make time to talk with you. We’re patient-focused, here, and we love our conversations with our patients, hearing about the latest happenings in their lives and with their families. Each patient is special to us and we look forward to their appointments as a chance to not just check on the progress we’re making on creating their new smile, but as time to catch-up with a friend.

We’re always available to answer your questions about your treatment, and should you ever have any concerns, please bring them to us. We are here to serve you and to make your orthodontic journey a positive experience. We can’t do that if you have something you’re worried about.

We get enthusiastic when we start to see our patients excitement build as they realize that they’re almost finished with treatment and their new smile is almost perfect. The day the braces are removed, and a patient sees their incredible, beautiful smile for the first time, we celebrate right along with them. We know they’ve put in a lot of hard work getting to that moment and we’re so proud of them! It’s a truly amazing feeling to know that we’ve played a role in improving a patient’s oral health, and their self-confidence, and that their life is going to be happier as a result.

We invite you call one of our two offices, located in Corpus Christi and Alice, TX, to schedule your complimentary consultation, today. Everyone here looks forward to working with you, to create a beautiful, healthy smile, as wonderfully unique as you!