"I liked the nice wonderful people I felt like part of a family here and im going to miss them all."

-Marcy D.

"I enjoyed it. Everyone here is so nice, and I'm glad i came here and not somewhere else. Thank You."

-McKynna B.

"You guys were pretty cool and did a pretty good job."

-Chase B.

"My experience with Vela Orthodontics has been great. I really appreciate ya'll helping me have a beautiful smile!!"

-Alanna B.

"They were really friendly and worked diligently with me, with their help my teeth were fixed way ahead of schedule."

-Grant B.

"I really had fun here at Vela Orthodontics. Everybody that works here is cool and funny."

-Andrew H.

"My experience with Vela has been great. Everyone is extremely nice and friendly."

-Meredith B.

"My experience with Vela Orthodontics was great. I love all of the friendly assistant's, and Dr. Vela is a very nice and educated orthodontist."

-Leandra G.

"I had a great experience at Vela Orthodontics. The people there are very sweet and understanding and always make you feel at home (even though it's an orthodontist office). I always looked foward to my next appointment and to see such friendly faces." 

-Jasmine P.

"Everyone was always so nice and i enjoyed every visit. I would definitely recommand to anyone."

-Laura R.

"My experience here was great. Everyone was so nice and helpful."

-Cade C.

"Everyone is nice and gives good instructions."

-Corbin D.

"My experience at Vela Orthodontics was great!! Everyone is so friendly and help you understand the process at each appointment before they start. I would definitely recommend Vela Orthodontics to my friends and family."

-Lauren R.

"I was nervous at first to get them on, but it wasn't bad at all. They were friendly and it was fun going to my appointments. Now i have gotten them off and my teeth are nice and straight."

-Victoria G.

"My experience was very fun and amazing. I wanna thank you so much for bringing my teeth to perfection."

-Trinity S.

"My experience was amazing! Vela Orthodontics and it’s staff treated me with respect and did everything perfectly. Even though i was not a fan of braces."

Dickson M.

"It was amazing to be with ya'll my teeth are nice and straight and i love them!"

-Madison F.

"It was a very good experience!! My teeth turned out awesome!"

-Lily S.

"It was a great experience"

-Joseph J.

“Thank you! For making my teeth more nicer than they used to be. I really liked coming here.”

-Amisha A.

“My experience here was good, I am proud and happy of how my teeth look.”

-Neil L.

“Extraordinary staff and doctor’s!! My experience was great. I highly recommend “ Vela Orthodontics”.

-Annalee M.

“I enjoyed my experience, the people were extremely nice and helpful. I was always in and out as quick as possible.”

-Eleanor M.

“My overall experience was wonderful. Dr. Vela and his staff were always very professional and friendly. I would highly recommend Dr. Vela.” 

-Angelica M.

“My experience with Vela Orthodontics was amazing, everyone was so nice and friendly. Im going to miss coming back every once in a while, not only to miss school but to see improvements in my teeth. Im glad i came to Dr. Vela and i am going to miss everyone here.”

-Juan S.

“Every time I came in, I was always welcomed. My treatment's were always fun and i was never uncomfortable to be here.Thank You!”

-Paige L.

“My experience was fantastic!.”

-Sam S.

“My experience was amazing, the staff was so nice and helpful.”

-Katharyn K.

“My experience with Vela Orthodontics was fun they are awesome!”

-Dani M.

“The staff and doctor’s were all friendly, knowledgeable, and very good at what they do. The whole experience was painless and efficient.”

-Jay T.

“I loved coming because everyone was very friendly and the service was quick.”

-Meredith Z.

“Having braces was great after i got used to them. I am so blessed to have had them.”

-Landon B.

"The staff at Vela Orthodontics were very friendly and professional."

-Justin P.

“Everyone in the office was cool, and kind and had no problems popping off my brackets. Thank You Vela Orthodontics!”

-Chris G.

“Awesome experience with the whole staff at Vela Orthodontics. Always gentle and so helpful with any questions or concerns.Thank you so much for fixing my smiles!!!”

-Cintina H.

“My experience was good. I had very little trouble adjusting to my braces. Whatever problems i had was taken care of quickly. Thank You!”

-George H.

“My experience here was very interesting. It was cool watching my teeth shift over time.”

-James W.

“My experience with Vela Orthodontics was amazing!! My teeth look great!!”

-Tina H.

“I had a great experience at Vela Orthodontics everyone was very nice.”

-Nathan C.

“It has been a really good experience. I love the staff!! Great Job!!”

Maria B.

“I really enjoyed my experience more than i expected.The staff here is really nice and they know what they are doing. I never had a problem and i thank you for making my teeth awesome.”

-Ryan C.

“My experience with Vela Orthodontics was extremely good!! Everyone here was super nice.Thank You!!”

-Isla G.

“You guys rock!!! I have had an amazing experience with Vela Orthodontics! Im actually really sad to go. Thank You! So much for the journey.”

-Ilianna T.

“I really enjoyed my experience here because everyone was so nice and made me feel welcome. Im glad that when i leave here i will have beautiful teeth.”

-Jacy T.

“My experience was great and all of the staff were just amazing.”

-Willam M.

“I enjoyed watching my teeth change.I had a quick 10 month treatment. Time flew by fast and i get to have my braces off before school is over!!”

-Samantha S.

“My experience at Vela Orthodontics was great. I was not scared the staff members were always nice and cheerful.”

-Leslie B.

“I liked the efficiency related to appointment time and treatment time.Awesome team here makes for a very pleasant experience.Many thanks to Dr. Vela and team!!!”

-Norma E.

“Vela Orthodontics was a wonderful experience where i met many wonderful friendly people. The time flew by and i had so much fun in the process.”

-John N.

“The Braces were very easy to deal with and did not get in the way of things. At the end it was worth it to have straight teeth.”

-Travis P.

“Great Experience here at Vela Orthodontics, the staff was great always greet you with a smile.”

-Ciara M.

“My experience was always great. Ya’ll all took really good care of me.”

-Cierra P.

“I enjoyed coming to Vela Orthodontics. Everyone was very nice and welcoming.”

-Lisa H.

“Everyone was very professional and very helpful and nice. I was provided with all important information about their services.”

-Mathew S.

“Very good!!! Took good care of me and met all my needs, and took the time to ask me about my day. Also my braces came off quicker. Thank you!"

-Madisyn F.

“I enjoyed my experience here. Also Dr. Vela and his staff were very kind.”

-Gabriela C.

“I had a great experience!! I love my teeth everyone was very nice and Dr. Vela was the best.”

-Thelma G.

“Very friendly service. I felt safe in the hands of Vela Orthodontics.”

-Arthur C.

“I had an overall great experience. If you have to get braces this is the place to go!!”

-Abigail S.

“I love how supportive everyone is, they are really nice and fun.Thank you for all your help.”

-Lizzie C.

“My experience at Vela Orthodontics was great. My teeth came out amazing with really nice employee’s.Thank You!”

-Casey L.

“My experience here was absolutely amazing!! I loved every second of being here with all of you.Thanks to them i now have the perfect teeth i have always wanted!!” 

-Alex M.

“I had an awesome experience here!! Everyone is extremely nice. Thank You!”

-Selena W.

"My experience with ya'll was awesome and everyone was so nice!!"

-Desiree S.

“All the staff and Dr. Vela were very friendly and courteous. They made you feel right at home and like you were part of their little family. Great communications and service provided. I am so glad that I got referred to Vela Orthodontics best decision ever!”

-Asheley S.

“I had a wonderful experience! Everyone was so kind and i am pleased with my results. Thank you so much!”

-Jenny T.

“The experience with Vela Orthodontics was very fun i am very happy that they made my teeth straight.”

-Javier F.

“My experience was amazing every one was nice and had a lot of respect towards me. Thanks Dr. Vela for the beautiful teeth.”

-Ramiro G

“My experience with Vela Orthodontics was very fun. Thank You!!”

-Brandon G.

“I really enjoyed my experience with Dr. Vela, every visit was extremely awesome! The staff is so friendly, its bitter sweet to have my braces removed. I am so happy with the outcome of my experience that Dr. Vela gave me.”

-Jesse C.

“My experience with Vela Orthodontics was absolute best, beyond what i imagined.”

-Alyssa S.

“It was a great experience here at Vela Orthodontics.”

-Mitchell C.

“Having braces have made me have a beautiful smile and straight teeth.It was well worth it having braces.Thank You!”

-Maddie P.

“Having my braces was well worth it. Now that I see my shiny straight teeth, i am so glad that i got my braces.”

-Robbie H.

“Throughout my one year with braces i had a great time. Vela Orthodontics really speed up the process and i am thankful!”

-Dawson M.

“I was really satisfied with my experience here. The end product of having braces was amazing.” 

-Nicole M.

“I am very pleased with the outcome of my bottom teeth. You have the best staff working for you. Thank you so much for everything!"

-Linda V.

“My experience with Vela Orthodontics was great”

-Melinda S.

“I was nervous about getting braces but everyone here made me feel so comfortable at the office. It was a great experience and i recommend Dr. Vela and his associates to anyone. Thank you for my beautiful smile!”

-Samantha S.

“Love my new smile!Everybody is very friendly and helpful.”

-Ty C.

“The whole experience was great and Dr. Vela was very nice and explained every procedure during the process.Thank You!”

-Payne M.

“Dr.Vela and his team made the whole braces experience very easy! Everyone is friendly and helpful and always willing to answer my questions. I will tell all my friends in the area to come here!”

-Bri W.

“I had a really nice experience every visit. I will definitely let my friends know where i got my teeth fixed and how nice everyone was.”

-Robert M.

“The staff was very friendly and nice. Thank you!!”

-Marcus M.

“I had a great experience with Vela Orthodontics!Thank You!”

-Alyssa G.

“My experience was great! Im satisfied and happy with the outcome of my braces. Also the staff is very friendly.”

-Joli P.

“Thank you for giving me back a beautiful smile. Everyone in your office is wonderful and i will refer all my friends to you.”

-Susie D.

“I am completely satisfied with the entire team at Vela Orthodontics.”

-Jasmine P.

“The workers were all so kind to me and i enjoyed every visit I had there. Thank you for everything!”

-Eileen T.

“Fantastic staff that are patient, kind, and made me always feel welcome, Thank You for everything.”

-Andy T.

“I was very satisfied with my teeth they look amazing!”

-Briana P.

“My experience was kinda long but it was all worth it. So now I am very happy with my new smile.”

-Sabrina H.

“Very good experience here. Everyone is very welcoming and nice.”

-Ally C.

“I really liked my experience.  All the people here were really nice and they make me feel comfortable with them putting metal in my mouth.”

-Daniel R.

“The staff is great, but I didn’t like that the springs kept breaking.”

-Michael R.

“My experience was great, they really straightened my teeth and I had a great time.”

-Jill M.

“Best experience ever! Thank you all for always being so helpful. Everything you did gave me the best smile.”

-Corina S.

“It was fun. Everytime we come here it is fast, without any problems.  The people here are really nice and helpful.”

-Eric S.